Charlotte Olympia Perfume!

I’ve always taken a liking to special bags that are not necessarily from premier designers. As we all know, if a special bag is from a premier designer bag, the price skyrockets tenfold (lol– think of that Chanel “lego” clutch. Hello, US$ 10k?!).

This Charlotte Olympia Yellow Scent Perspex Clutch icon caught my eye,  and I fell in love with it!!

charlotteolympIt actually reminds me of the Chanel perfume bottle more than anything and though it’s still a wee bit too pricey for me, I think I am going to save up for this one. It’s really so cute and I can’t really find more words to describe why I like the bag other than “IT’S CUTE”!!!

It’s available for immediate purchase HEREicon too. I wouldn’t even think twice about it 🙂

On another note, I am about to fly out today for Japan to spend Easter holiday with my family so I am already apologizing in case I cannot blog daily. However though I will be posting regularly on instagram so please do follow me there at 🙂 *For my wannabe styleblogger outfit photos, there’s 🙂 *



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