Chanel VIP Gift Bags Story: Republished from the Philippines’ National Paper


Hi everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe and in your homes during this very challenging time. We all need to beat the Corona Virus and this lockdown will help contain the spread, so hope everyone is following government directives. It’s for everyone’s safety!

Anyway I woke up this morning to a message sent by my very kind editor, Cheche Moral, that they’ve published my Chanel VIP gifts story on the national paper.

Anyway, this is my final story for this newspaper, and am grateful it was given front page space by my editors 🙂

I’m sharing the article here in case you didn’t catch it on print 🙂


Please continue to share this story with others, especially if you know of someone who has been happily buying Chanel bags for a “bargain” as s/he could be duped into buying fakes.

Special thanks to my editors Thelma Sioson San Juan and Cheche Moral for all their support in the years I have written for this paper!

Stay safe, everyone!

Ingrid @thebaghag



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