Chanel VIP Gift Bags Story: Republished in the Philippines’ National Paper

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all staying safe and in your homes during this very challenging time. We all need to beat the Corona Virus and this lockdown will help contain the spread, so hope everyone is following government directives. It’s for everyone’s safety!

Anyway I woke up this morning to a message sent by my very kind editor, Cheche Moral, that they’ve published my Chanel VIP gifts story on the national paper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer. (P.S. This is also my last story for the paper because I can no longer in my good conscience continue to write for a paper that puts its publication’s integrity on the line to appease and protect its publisher or their relatives. The publisher’s wife, an Instagrammer, ordered the deletion of all 10 years of my work on the publication’s online archives after she was incensed about my Influencer Fraud story— which she made “personal” because she said it alluded to her *I didn’t mention any names on my story, but those who took offense, must’ve been engaging in those dubious practices*).

Anyway, this is the final story I wrote, and am grateful it was given front page space by my editors 🙂

I’m sharing the article here in case you peeps want to read it, because the paper’s online edition has previously made my stories “disappear” after they’ve been posted online. That’s another story, one I won’t hesitate to tell in its entirety someday, but I’ve shared a bit above in the P.S.

Anyway, here is the published story in its entirety, for your reading pleasure 🙂


Please continue to share this story with others, especially if you know of someone who has been happily buying Chanel bags for a “bargain” as s/he could be duped into buying fakes.

Special thanks to my editors Thelma Sioson San Juan and Cheche Moral for their continued support of my work 🙂

Stay safe, everyone!!

Ingrid @thebaghag


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