Bugly Bag Alert: Valentino Spike Leather Bag

Fresh from almost choking at the sight of the Balenciaga x Croc shoes from the label’s Spring Summer 2018 collection and from mourning the demise and death of the brand thereafter (sideSnote: For those who haven’t yet seen what I am talking about, here is the reference, straight from the runway– and no there is no way you can unsee these LOL),

I thought I had already seen the worst of it (of course that’s until I get haunted by these ugly Crocs on Balenciaga shop floors again, months post- fashion week).

I was walking to my appointment this afternoon and chanced upon a vitrine that had Valentino bags. This was one of them.

Photo credit: Luisaviaroma.com

To be fair, I didn’t mind so much the cream- colored one in this exact same style, but my goodness this one in red which stood out like a sore thumb, looked soooo cheap! Of course the price betrays its looks, as it is after all a Valentino bag. It is priced at a whopping €1550! I can think of much, much better bags to spend my €1500++ on. Why, why, why Valentino? It just screams nouveau riche!! The abundance of studs just does not make this bag look classy in any way. At first glance, it looked like one of the bags being peddled for €30 in one of the many souvenir shops in Venice or Rome, with a fake label that says “Made in Italy” when in fact we all know they’re not (hello, made in China).

I don’t know peeps, but Valentino has not exactly been on the mark with their bags of late. I mean look!

I understand the continued demand for the rockstud shoes, but this is really just taking it too far. And don’t use the excuse of “oh we’re just giving what our customers want.” Sorry, but NO. *Cringe*

Alright, bugly bag rant over! Au revoir from Paris… for now 🙂


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