Bag Review: Hermes Wallago Cabine 35

Hello from San Francisco! And ooh yes it HAS been awhile since I last wrote here! I thought of posting this bag review today since I haven’t done one in a long time– haha real life really overtook my social media time.

Anyway I was at the Hermes boutique in San Francisco yesterday to check out bags that they currently offer and one bag actually stood out because I had never seen it in person + the name of the bag sounded real strange.

This is the Wallago Cabine 35 bag, and it was debuted quietly well over a year ago. I keep thinking of the animal Wallaby and the Winnebago RV motor home so I can remember the name lol.

It seems like a great tote to carry for the airplane with its front and back pockets.

The bag reminds me of a Longchamp le pliage tote when its sides are untucked and opened up like that lol. 

The back has a long flap that hides a zipped pocket

The bag opens up wide because of the 2 zippers on each end. Very roomy but it also gets a tad heavy. But to be fair, this bag is really very well- made.

It retails for over $8,000 and I think this is a great alternative to those peeps who still love the brand a lot but have begun to prefer low- key bags (not the H birkin or kelly).

I do like the bag quite a bit although I’d probably have chosen a lighter color. However, it might be more practical to get this bag in a darker color as it would work better with almost every color in your closet. Plus, it will work well in hiding marks acquired from travel’s rough and tumble.

Would you peeps prefer this over the Birkin or Kelly? 🙂


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