Bag Review: The New Chanel 19 Flap Bag

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No, this is not yet the much- anticipated blog post that will tackle the authenticity issue of “Chanel VIP” bags 🙂 I am still working on putting all the information together– there is a LOT of it 🙂 So please bear with me on that as I believe I will end up publishing a series of posts about that. One looooong post will be way too long to compact all the research and quotes I have gathered to address this burning issue.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to share news about the new Chanel 19 bag, commemorating the death of Karl Lagerfeld (February 19, 2019) and Coco Chanel’s birthday (August 19, 1883)– 19 is a common denominator between these two greats.

The Chanel 19 is a similar take on the House’s successful tried- and- tested classic flap signature style. The signature double C logo clasp is a marriage of the signature chain and leather combination found in the classic flap straps and on many of Chanel’s other accessories like belts and jewellery.

The bag comes in tweed and costs US $4,100.

While the leather version costs $500 more. The diamond quilts on the bag are larger and are more “relaxed.”

I had been able to “test drive” the tweed version yesterday, and thought that the bag was actually quite nice. The Chanel 19’s chain strap is heavier than the classic flap’s original intertwined chain and leather/ fabric though. The treatment of the chain strap on the Chanel 19 is quite unique– it’s like having 4 different chain straps in one bag! In my opinion, the bag is also a more relaxed, casual version of the Classic Flap (which is really quite structured).

If you are looking for something more modern but like the style of Chanel’s signature Classic Flap bag, this might be the bag for you 🙂  For sure, the bag will come in different iterations too.

Which do you prefer? The Classic Flap, or the new Chanel 19?


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