Bag Review: The Fendi Demi- Jour Bag

This is it and I’ve confirmed it. I don’t think I’m into big bags anymore like I used to. Right now when I’m on the go, I just grab onto the smallest bag I can find. I have also abandoned using big wallets– I think I am still traumatized by that Hermes dogon wallet theft incident back in Paragon Outlets in San Francisco which pretty much left me without any credit cards, US license, cash, and some other important documents the night before I flew out to Florence. Boohoo I haven’t stopped mourning over the loss of that wallet *SOB*. Anyway, of late when it came to small bags,  I find myself using the Fendi By The Way bag the most because it really packs in plenty of things. The size itself looks so deceivingly small but wow, I was able to stuff so many things in it. Small size, big capacity!

But boo, to be able to get your hands on that bag, it’ll have to be another 3-5 month wait. In the meantime, I also found another very good “small” bag that packs a whop and it’s the Fendi Demi Jour Bag.fendidemi1

The bag has an accordion of storage space and comes with a special secret slot too 😉 See that hardware that graces the tip of the middle compartment? It opens up 🙂



I’ve been able to test- carry the bag and it’s a fairly light bag and is not bulky at all. It comes in a few colors too but I particularly like this one as it’s perfect for summer. I never seem to get tired of all this color- blocking 🙂


Light, fun, and packs in plenty, this has to be one of my top choices for a small bag for summer 🙂 Less worries too on your shoulders if you’ve been experiencing pains because of all those heavy bags you’ve been carrying in the last few years!

For more information about the Fendi Demi Jour Bagicon, click HERE.


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