Bag Review: The Bejewelled Miu Miu Lady Bag

It has been awhile since I reviewed bags because I got tied up with living life offline * boo why so many errands and so much work haha, but come on, I can’t and should never complain :)*

But anyway I will try to make blogging a bit more regular (like maybe once or twice a week). I do miss the writing and all the musings I used to do on this space 🙂

Today, spotlight is on this Miu Miu Lady bag.

Bling calling! This bejewelled Lady bag brings with it an instant pizzaz, a welcome change from the much- absent glamour and design creativity from many other designer bags today. I did wish that Miu Miu would make the strap detachable for more versatility. I think this would look amazing as a clutch too! Perfect to spruce up a casual outfit during the day, or for pairing with a sleek LBD at night.

When worn and as spotted on celebs (Although to be honest, I wish I’d see specific bags being repeatedly carried by certain celebs to make them actually seem like they really like the bag vs. them being paid or gifted with one to carry it LOL) :

Elle Fanning

Taylor Swift*photos grabbed from Google Images*


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