Bag Review: The Bag for The Movies!

Hi everyone! Did you have a great weekend? Mine was spent relaxing and well, cleaning. I have managed to figure out which things I am setting aside for a “garage” sale (which will hopefully not take place in a garage because it’s just far too hot for an actual garage sale). So I apologize for not having written something. In between shuffling things from one box to another and looking for my long lost things, I guess I ended up not going online on my laptop 🙁

Over the weekend, there was a very good movie lineup– from Olympus Has Fallen to the summer blockbuster Iron Man 3. So, I want to know what bag you peeps normally carry to the movies 🙂 Do you bring a huge bag to stuff some chips in there (haha I know some friends who bring huge bags of chips with them), or do you bring a small bag with you and just buy your popcorn by the theatre? 🙂

Speaking of popcorn,  I really think this has to be the best movie bag ever made:


It’s the Charlotte Olympia Popcorn Bag !!!

It’s not a very big, bulky bag. It is perfect for the movies!



And for dinners actually– so the popcorn bag is not just a movie bag 😉 You can carry the bag as a clutch when you tuck in the shoulder chain strap (which actually can also be carried cross body).

I don’t know about you, but I’m currently loving these cutesy bags. They are a refreshing welcome from all the other bags that everyone’s been seen carrying of late– plus these small bags won’t give you shoulder aches and pains 😉

Click HERE to find out more information about the Charlotte Olympia Popcorn Bag. It’s really tooo cute!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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