Bag Review: Sophie Hulme Buckle Tote

I came across the Sophie Hulme Buckle Leather Toteicon just this year in London and at first glance, I was immediately drawn to it. So I took a look at the different colored totes available.

 The bags were very pretty. There is indeed something about them. Unfortunately when I picked one of these babies up, I was astonished to discover that the bag was very heavy. And I suppose this has to do with the 4 hardware plates on each handle’s buckle end.

I am very divided about whether I’d take on this bag or not if given the opportunity. I am frankly quite done with heavy bags and can’t be bothered carrying something that would weigh me down like a ton of bricks again– I already have a bad back as it is. But I have to admit, the bag is really quite striking. It’s a toss-up: sacrifice the weight for its beauty or forego the bag altogether.

What’s your verdict?

The Sophie Hulme Buckle Leather Toteicon is available for purchase HEREicon.

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