Bag Review: The Moynat Rejane


Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to spend some leisure time in Hong Kong. Confession: I have not gone bag shopping (like really bag shopping– spending almost an hour inside a shop) for so long. But I was able to do so during this trip. I spent a good hour inside the tiny boutique of Moynat inside the Landmark in Central, Hong Kong.

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I was poring over this beautiful bag called the Rejane. Thing is, I was poring over the Rejane in PINK.

A few years ago, I read an article about Moynat bags (specifically the Rejane) through Carol Issa some 2 years ago. And then I met her during fashion week in Paris and sat next to her at a dinner party. She carried her Rejane. It was love at first sight for me and for her bag :). I was honestly getting so tired of seeing the Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly on every bag lover’s arms. Hermes is still the Mt. Everest of bag brands in my opinion, but Moynat’s Rejane is one bag that can unseat the Birkin– again, in my opinion only of course!

Moynat (pronounced MWA-NAH)  began in 1849 (older than Louis Vuitton by 5 years), and was one of the first luxury leather goods brands to have been founded by a woman, Pauline Moynat. Bernard Arnault of LVMH bought into the company in 2010 and its flagship store is a few steps away from another (competing) heritage brand, Goyard, along Rue Saint Honoré in Paris.

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The classic Rejane is the “baby” of Moynat’s young Creative Director, Ramesh Nair, who had spent over a decade at Hermes. His design places heavy emphasis on classic shapes and clean lines and it has resonated well with the discerning luxury bag lover. The Pauline bag below is also quite popular, but I still prefer the Rejane.

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I was really deciding on the pink Rejane in either the larger size or the medium size– but I remained undecided and walked away without it. I am so particular when it comes to bags and a slight difference in color can make me decide against it. The medium size seems to be more in the shade of old rose than bubble gum pink (which was the color on the larger size), hence my hesitation. I did like the bubblegum pink one so much more. But my other concern was that I only own 2 pink bags and I rarely used them. If I were to make a hefty- priced bag purchase for Christmas, it better not be a bag that I’ll only carry once or twice. So I politely declined. And I’m sure someone who went to the boutique thereafter is now a proud and happy owner of the pink Rejane 🙂

But hah, if the Rejane were in turquoise (that one in the middle– be still my heart and wallet!) ,

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I think I’d not have even given it a second thought! Now how to order the turquoise one… 😀 *Ahem, please Ramesh can I beg you to make one especially for me? :)*



  1. Love the shape of it. My only concern is, it might be difficult for one to get an item in & out of this bag.