Bag Review: Face-Off Fendi 2Jours VS Fendi 3Jours

Hey everyone! I am enjoying the last few days of my time with my family holiday before throwing myself back full speed with work 🙂 So pardon the continued lag in blogging, but rest assured you’ll get plenty of words from me once I’m back at “work” haha!

There’s a newly modified bag by Fendi, brought on by the popularity of the 2Jours tote. This one is called the Fendi 3Jours Tote.
icon3joursfendiHere’s a little side- by- side comparison in case you can’t quite picture the difference–










The 2Jours and 3Jours look alike in many ways. The straps on the 3Jours are  longer, and there is a “break” in the hardware top. And though the 3Jours tote seems more streamlined than the 2Jours, it’s also only because the sides were tucked in. But when both bags have that “batwing” look, the only noticeable difference would be the longer straps which make for easier shoulder carry.

I’m really loving big bags with as little embellishments as possible– the cleaner the bag looks, the better and the less fussy. I think it’s all about keeping things simple and classy these days, and Fendi has got it down pat!

I think I’d still prefer the 2Jours, but I think many will be happy with the longer strap for the 3Jours!

The new Fendi 3Jours Toteicon is now available for purchase HERE. Oh and yeah, red is a very festive color, perfect for starting 2014! 🙂


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