Bag Review: Elie Saab Teal Leather Satchel

The name Elie Saab has always been associated with couture and the red carpet. Practically all the A list female celebrities wear Elie Saab gowns to red carpet awards and shows. Elie has also ventured into bag design and it was only a natural progression for him to do so. Because all that he creates are equated with luxury, it is no surprise that his bags are well made and yes, very luxurious. The bags are classy and elegant and devoid of fussy details because Elie wanted his women to carry timeless and not trendy pieces. He has always wanted his women to shine and the bags that he had designed serve to enhance the natural beauty of the women who carry them.

This understated teal leather satchel is very elegant and ranks high in style marks.


The satchel is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is also very functional as well with the added shoulder strap. The clean lines of the bag make this very easy to carry– from an important business meeting on a weekday to a casual brunch on the weekend. Just like Elie Saab gowns, this bag is undeniably beautiful.



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