Bag Review: Chloe Nile Bag

I am perhaps only one of the few people who never liked Chloe bags again post- Paddington. With the exception of the Paraty, I never took a liking to the Marcie, the Faye, and the Drew when everyone else was practically fawning over them. No amount of seeing the Chloe bags (under Creative Director Clare Waight Keller) on celebrities and “influencers” changed my mind (especially the Drew). I knew I didn’t like the Drew even before I tried carrying it. Good though because I saved a lot of money LOL.

I briefly contemplated on this Marcie recently, not because of its style but more because of its color (military green) and its material (suede– somehow I have begun to love suede).

But nah, even if the bag was marked down to $750 (still so pricey) from over a thousand, I opted out. Money saved!

A walk down Madison Avenue got me staring at Chloe’s latest bag, the Nile. I stared hard at it again and even tried carrying the bag, but alas there was really no spark between the Nile and I.

The Nile also came in a clutch version. It did look cute and different, but…

sorry, these Chloe bags from Waight Keller’s reign just did nothing for me. Now that she has left Chloe for Givenchy (oh please don’t do Bohemian for Givenchy!!), I am curious about new Artistic Director and Louis Vuitton alum Natacha Ramsay- Levi’s take on the Chloe girl and her new accessories.

How about you peeps? Did you ever submit to the Chloe Drew craze? What’s your favorite Chloe bag to date? Would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I love my Paraty. It’s just so elegant and well-made. I didn’t like the Drew, but it grew on me. I finally got one 3 years ago, like it but not crazy about it. I’m now crazy about Nile, I think its very unique and fun. Couldn’t get one tho, they are all sold out.