Bag Review: Chloe Baylee Zipped Tote

I’m back in Manila and am nursing a seriously sick jetlag. I guess this happens when well, age happens! LOL. There are sooo many things I want to write and I just don’t know where to begin. I think I need to start working on another organizer (you know, a notebook with real paper…). I have been so bad with organizers (what’s the point of being organized when you can’t even find your organizer) that I had actually taken to finding the biggest and the ugliest organizer there is– that way no one will want to steal it, and it’s such an eyesore that it can’t possibly get lost lol.

Before I run off again– because I need to work on writing some stories for the paper, for a magazine (and for all other publications I’ve promised. Uh oh delinquent), I just want to write about this Chloe Baylee Zipped Tote icon— the two toned version.

I think it is perhaps the most befitting bag for a Gemini (haha bipolar). I’m a Gemini and I love this bag because it has 2 sides! To be honest, this bag shape is not groundbreaking at all. It is in fact so simple and so nondescript. Almost blah. But what makes it really different from your average run-of-the-mill zipped tote is its quality. These days, it’s really all about the quality that separates the good bags from the bad ones.

The Baylee Zipped Toteiconin the two- toned version is a must- get. It’s one of the easiest bags you’ll ever own!

The Chloe Baylee Zipped Toteicon is available HERE.


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