Bag Review: Balenciaga Blanket Floral Leather Tote


Hey Balenciaga, what’s up with all your bag designs of late? While there are a good number of pieces from Demna Gvasalia’s latest apparel collection for the brand that are very desirable, I have to confess that I really loathe the bags that have been coming out of late. It is almost laughable, as if Balenciaga is mocking the state of conspicuous consumption today- that consumers would buy anything slapped with a designer label, if only to show that they have the cash to burn on something, anything that is expensive.  Yes, I do get that the “cheeky” inspiration stems from things that are part of our everyday lives.

After the Ikea Frakta Bag  ($0.99) vs. the similarly styled blue Balenciaga leather tote ($2,145– but of course bear in mind, Balenciaga’s version is leather!!!) and the hilarious response of Ikea to the brand’s “copying” of their bag,

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I was thinking perhaps Balenciaga is really taking on the less- kitschy albeit similar design  concept from Louis Vuitton (well, also Anya Hindmarch, Moschino, and a few other brands).

Remember this Louis Vuitton braided leather Street Shopper, circa 2007?

with design inspiration:

So yes, the concept of vamping up the design of otherwise ordinary everyday storage bags into luxe, expensive designer bags is really not new. It was not Gvasalia’s bright idea to start this “trend.”

I was having my matcha latte this afternoon when I decided to check Bags at NET-A-PORTER since I haven’t really visited the site for awhile now (boo too busy!). Almost choked on my drink when I saw this bag, also from Balenciaga LOL!!!

I burst out laughing because it reminded me of those bed-in-a-bag bags!

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Priced at $2,755. Suddenly, the Ikea Frakta- inspired bag of Balenciaga actually didn’t look so bad, compared to this one LOL! I can tell you now that even if I have the kind of money to spend on an expensive bag, it would definitely not be spent on this Balenciaga “blanket” floral bag. Which gives me an idea actually… perhaps a D-I-Y bed-in-a-bag bag a la Balenciaga is a good project to make over the weekend hahaha!

Have a good one, folks!


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