Bag Review: A Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Bag Pulls a Fendi!

First off, I just want to say that while Nicolas Ghesquiere seems to be doing a fantastic job with Louis Vuitton, I am perhaps one of the few who hasn’t exactly been singing praises at the bags that he has designed since his reign at the fashion house.

Perhaps except for the Palm Springs backpack, I found absolutely no desire to pine for any of the other bags that have been paraded around by fans of his work. I checked out most of the Cruise Collection 2018 bags and while I thought the mini hat box bag was super cute,

(and here’s the original size)

I didn’t find much to like again. Boo. The one other bag that caught my eye was the clutch that seemed to look like a Fendi Monster Bag.

Though I suppose it’s alright for a little cross- reference from another brand, as both Fendi and Louis Vuitton fall under the parent company of Bernard Arnault’s LVMH.

Another cute bag that I might as well mention here is this one, only because I have a thing for mini bags at the moment 🙂

Aprés Louis Vuitton’s cruise collection bag review, I really can’t help but think that the bag revolution has died down considerably. Most women have deemed only Hermes and Chanel to be the brands worth the “investment.”

Sigh. This does make my “job” a bit harder. But mind you, this has also made our wallets much “happier” and fuller, because hey not everyone can afford to buy a new Hermes or Chanel bag every season, no?

(Photo credits: Louis Vuitton, Vogue.Com)


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