Bag Reveal! The Roger Vivier Pilgrim du Jour

I have not been so excited over a bag reveal in quite a bit. So let me share one now. But before I get right into it, a brief background first:)

My show (The Bag Hag Diaries on Star World… hehe shameless plug– a new episode airs every Tuesday night at 7.55 pm, with reruns daily on Star World) recently aired a full episode about Roger Vivier and about how I think this is one of the few brands I actually love that have succeeded in presenting a strong collection in both the bags and shoes category, thanks to Creative Director Bruno Frisoni and style icon ambassador Ines De la Fressange.

Last season in Paris, I zeroed in on this bubblegum pink Pilgrim du Jour tote during the Roger Vivier Spring/ Summer 2016 (SS2016) presentation.
RV pink pilgrim 1

Up until that time, I was really looking at getting the gray version. But with this pink one, I was hopelessly smitten. On a trip last year to Hong Kong where I was able to visit RV boutique, I could not decide on the gray. I was holding out for the pink one. Both were truthfully really beautiful. But my heart was somehow set on the pink one. I always loved the color pink but just found it hard to pick the perfect shade. So I have always held back. Until the bubblegum pink of Roger Vivier.

I was in Paris recently for work but did not really have the time to go to rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré to shop. I wanted to buy the bag and this pair of Sneaky Miss Viv shoes:
Sneaky Miss Viv 1

I figured I was going back to Paris again for fashion week and will just sneak off to shop LOL. And so that was the game plan.

Til this morning 😉 Received a huuuge package!
This box

And the reveal began on my Snapchat 😉 *Peeps if you don’t have Snapchat, download the app and add me 🙂 I’m THE_BAGHAG on there. Adddd meeeee lol*

I excitedly opened the package and out came this red box 🙂 I was squealing with delight haha– yes literally!

The red box


And inside that red box was this delicately wrapped baby


And so my quest for the perfect pink bag ended today 🙂

Welcome to my bag family, Pinkyboo!!! I am soooo happy for this wonderful gift, THANK YOU SO MUCH ROGER VIVIER! I love her so much!!! What a precious post- Valentine’s Day gift!


  1. How can I purchase that bag I have looked EVERYWHERE online. Any leads to where I could order that pink bag? Or someone buy it for me then Ill paypall them? LOL Seriously I don’t think I can get this in the states