Bag Face- Off: Moschino vs. Chanel

Woohoo it’s Bag Face- Off time once again!! 🙂

I don’t know if you noticed, but there are some Moschino bags and clothes that resembled Chanel pieces throughout the brand’s fashion history. And of late again, this was one of the pieces.

Moschino Revers Quilted Leather Jacket Bag


This bag was actually patterned after the iconic Moschino jacket which really somewhat resembles the classic Chanel jacket. But more interestingly, this Moschino bag actually also resembles this Chanel quilted jacket bag!

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The concept is very similar and I think both brands have actually used “piping” on their jackets which in turn became their “signature” styles. These two bags are alike in that way, and only different in the collar area where Chanel had the round- neck one and the Moschino had the more conventional “notched” jacket collar style. Both bags even have the same intertwined leather chain!

Makes me wonder, how does Chanel feel about this similarity? 🙂 Both are cute, aren’t they?  The above Chanel bag is  preowned and is on an online auction site, but the Moschino Revers Quilted Leather Jacket Bagicon can be purchased new HEREicon.


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