A Quick Paris Fashion Week Roundup

Filming has overtaken my time, along with dinners and work- related meetings so by the time I get home, I am pooped beyond comprehension (it’s age, I tell ya). Tonight though, I had a real strong cup of coffee and my mind is still hyperactive even if my body is already asking for my bed. So I have decided to do a quick post from my phone 😉

Here are five of the most memorable pieces I have seen during Paris Fashion Week:

1. Loewe’s Clear Puzzle Bag

2. Roger Vivier’s Sneaky Viv Sneakers which will come in different materials

3. Corto Moltedo’s Chill Pill Minaudieres

4. Steiger “Devil” Sandals in Gold

5. Alexander McQueen Embroidered Denim Coat

It was definitely hard to narrow them down to just five, but I’ll definitely be expounding on them as well as adding onto that list in a few days. I still owe you my Milan Fashion Week roundup! Tsk, slacking off! I need a serious energy jolt– something with a lot of sugar preferred

Later folks!


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