Zalora Launch, Manila

Zalora, the newest online shopping site in the Philippines finally had its grand launch last night at the W Skye Lounge.

Can I just tell you it was CRAZY?  I was really blown away by the amount of people who attended the event– it was an incredible sight to see such a packed event! Congratulations to the Zalora team and family– all your hard work has paid off 🙂

Princeton and Harvard- educated Paulo Campos is one of the brilliant minds behind Zalora– he’s the co-founder and is also the Managing Director.

Paulo finally gets to enjoy the Zalora launch. Congratulations!

Managed a quick snap with Pedro Domingues, who is Portuguese and is also one of the young co- founders of this online shopping site that’s destined to take over the Philippine e-tailing scene.
Pedro is enjoying the Philippines, without a doubt! 🙂 

Arianne Kader, the very chic and hardworking Marketing Manager of Zalora Philippines, hails from California

Ari was always making sure everyone was having a grand time!

Fiona Araneta, editor of the Zalora Zine, seen with husband Iñaki

Fiona ecstatic that the Zalora “Zine” is “live”  !

Drat, I did not get to meet Brian Cu, who is also a third of Zalora’s founding team. There were more members of the Zalora family who were milling about, but it was nearly impossible to navigate through the thick crowds of guests who came to celebrate the site’s official launch.

Congratulations, Zalora! What a night!! 🙂 
For more photos of the guests and fellow Zalora members who were present at the event last night, please visit ManilaSocialDiary.Com 

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