Same Color, but Different Shades!

Do you ever find yourself buying a new bag in a similar shade of a favorite color *unknowingly*? It seems I have. All these years, the one self- imposed “edict” I had was to have ONE bag per color, and not more than one bag per color. And no, no need to make sure to have a bag in all colors of the color wheel (unless you have the bank account of the Ecclestone girls *that I certainly do not have lol*). 

After a survey of my bags *trust me when I say I don’t have that many because I constantly edit– I need them trimmed down or I’d be dead broke if I don’t*, I realized one thing: I have NOT been adhering to my own one bag- per- color policy!
I love the color blue. I think more than the color purple. I realized that blue is my black. I have ONE black bag. But I have more than 1 blue bag– in different shades. I know, this can’t be right. Even my husband would be quick to quip that “it’s all the SAME color!” (He did say that at one point in time, by the way).  And me arguing “yes yes but the other one is cerulean, this is cobalt, and that is electric!” LOL.  Anyway, thought I’d share a few photos of “the blues” since I was tweeting about them a few days or so ago.
Let me start off with these 2 bags (there would’ve been 3 but one bag is at the bag “spa” to be treated because it somehow got discolored)–  one of my favorite bags, Mark Cross, with a personalized Goyard Saint Jeanne GM. Very similar shades of blue there, though one is solid and the other is patterned.  I have not used my Goyard Saint Jeanne for quite some time… 🙁 I should. It’s a good bag.

Mark Cross and Goyard
Next up, the Tod’s D Bag, personalized with my initials thanks to Tod’s, and the Hermes Lindy in Bleu Brighton 34cm Taurillon Clemence with Palladium Hardware. Now the Tod’s D Bag has been traveling a lot with me of late because it’s just soooo easy to carry. The Hermes Lindy I also haven’t used in a bit, but it has had its share of travels with me as well 🙂
Tod’s and Hermes
And then the Hermes ladies 🙂 Bleu Sapphire Kelly 35cm in Fjord Leather with Palladium Hardware, Bleu Electrique Evelyne 3GM, and a Bleu Sapphire Birkin 35cm in Fjord Leather with Gold Hardware. I kept staring at the birkin and the kelly and I noticed that while they were both supposed to be the same shade, there was a slight difference– the kelly was a tad lighter. Strange, but I guess it’s the way the leather was colored. If not scrutinized though, they look to be the exact same shade. I love all these 3 bags. I don’t think I can ever part with them 🙂 Yes, even if the birkin and kelly are of the same shade.
Hermes Girls
And now, a  family photo of the blues, with the addition of that Chanel in cobalt blue. I didn’t include the Goyard and the Mark Cross because I decided to just group together the shades that were most similar. 
Blue and Happy!
I have a total of 9 blue bags *!!!!* and if Celine had offered me a Cobalt Blue Nano Luggage, I’d have probably bought it as well! *Gulp, adding to more of that credit card bill pileup on my desk lol*. 
Anyway this 2012, one of my resolutions is to use my older bags more often and stop myself from buying any more. At least stop buying any more blue bags. *Oh and tweaking my policy: One bag per color. Not One bag per shade per color* LOL 

P.S. Uh oh, make that 10 blue bags. I also have the Navy Louis Vuitton Personalized Sac Louis. I hardly use this bag. I don’t know why– it was as if I was saving this bag for something. *Thwacks self in the head*. Time to use this more too!

Louis Vuitton

Oh dear! I really have to stop with the “blues” ! 😀


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