Pippa Picnics?

No, Pippa. No. The dress just does not do anything good for you (except maybe to clothe you). Didn’t everyone call you “your royal hotness” sometime ago? Seriously? No. Not with this dress you’re not. Sorry Pips. I’m not a stylish one, but I know not to wear that dress to the U.S. Open (much less wear it anywhere else). The colors and blocking are just all wrong 🙁
The bag however, could very well be suited for carry to the tennis match (or hehe to a picnic). Kate Spade made that bag. It’s from her older collection which is no longer available. Here’s a little trivia: Kate Spade actually used to subcontract bag production to factories in the Philippines. So that wicker “kelly” could very well be made in the Philippines!
And speaking of wicker, wouldn’t it be hilarious if Pippa actually carried this Kate Spade Armadillo wicker bag instead of her top handle one? LOL
I frankly don’t know which one is worse– for normally-regal-non-Royal-but-has-a-future-Queen-for-a-sister Pippa to carry this bag aberration creation (Indulge me. Imagine her with this bag lol) or seeing Royal-spare-and-definitely-has-more-fun-than-future-King-brother Harry bum- naked in Vegas.
Which is the lesser evil or rather less painful to look at?  Haha the answer’s in the bag! (no pun intended) LOL
The Kate Spade Armadillo Wicker Bag was available at Neiman Marcus.

  1. I never liked Pippa Middleton. IMO, her 5 minutes of fame – being a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding is over. Sorry to be blunt, but she is so baduy! harhar