New Bag Alert! Moynat to Release a New Monogram Canvas Cabas

Am so excited to share that Moynat will be rolling out a new monogram canvas cabas (tote) style before the end of the year *woohoo!!!*

And looks like she is called the Moynat Cabas Oh 🙂

This blue and gold metallic tote is one of them (yes, they will come in other colorways!)

After having used different designer monogram totes (Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Faure Le Page, Gucci), I find this Moynat tote to be the best one in terms of quality and craftsmanship, apart from its design of course 😉

It is very meticulously put together– double- lined toile canvas interior (fact: most of the other designer totes are only single- lined), thick coated monogram canvas, leather straps very sturdy and well- stitched. Best of all, the bag is very light! I used it as my hand- carried cabin bag recently and I was very impressed.

There is a “surprise” design at the back of the bag. This bag, called “Bad Dream” was designed by Creative Director Ramesh Nair, in collaboration with young Franco- Japanese artist Tiffany Bouelle.

They will release different colors of this cabas (it will come in blue, red, black- green, and black-silver *for men!!*), so it is really an exciting time– because I’m sure I’ll want another color! Price for this new Moynat Cabas Oh tote is not yet definite, but will be a little over €1,000. The bag release happens before the year ends, so be patient ? It will arrive soon!

So yes, you read about this new Moynat Cabas Oh tote and saw her here first ;).

Have a great week, bag hags! I must admit, I haven’t been this excited over a monogram canvas tote in years!!!

The Bag Hag

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