Louis Vuitton (Philippines) Greenbelt 4 has moved to….

… Greenbelt 5!

Yes, effective today, the Louis Vuitton, Philippines store is now located on the 3rd level of Greenbelt 5.
This is just a “temporary” store as Louis Vuitton Philippines works to expand their new store (exciting news for us all)!!

I must say, for a “temporary” store, it looks pretty darn good 🙂

See you all at Louis Vuitton, Greenbelt 5 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging all about the Trunks and Toys Exhibit of Louis Vuitton. I just came from the press briefing today and it’s really a must- see. The exhibit will already be open to the LV– loving public on Monday.

P.S. On a different note, I hope everyone’s ok. The winds and rain of typhoon Basyang was quite horrific (and that’s putting it mildly). Hope you all ok! Stay safe, everyone!

Mrs. T
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