BAG REVIEW: Sac Louis by Louis Vuitton

As you may already know, I am on a strict purchase probation. I can’t really spend phantom money on things I don’t really need right now. Money’s tight and well, Mrs.T’s no Miss Moneybags. *sob* The moolah river aint’ exactly flowing my way right now. *Bawls*

Yes, yes, I thought about chopping all my hair off and selling it *muwahaha no one would want it… full of split ends hahaha*. I’ve also thought about applying for a job in the corporate world (but I swear, no company will hire me because I’m just far too incompetent– and I don’t know how they know, but they do hahaha). So I must work with whatever budget I have to be able to afford a new bag.

Not like I need one, really.

But then this bag came along… So here’s the cheese about this navy- indigo bag. Sorry for the photo color. I obviously experimented with the camera setting again and it didn’t work in my favor *pfft*.

Some four months ago, I was invited by Louis Vuitton to attend this one- on- one event at the Peninsula Manila. * I know. One- on- one… so clandestine!!* It was there that they unveiled this bag called the Sac Louis.

Can I tell you honestly that when I saw the bag, I fell in love with it? You see, I deny it all I can, but in the end, I’m really just a big sucker for super soft bags (and often refrain from getting one because soft bags only mean one thing= they’re high maintenance).
The bag looks like a very basic satchel, with an exterior pocket (very Marc Jacobs actually).

The Sac Louis’ leather is one of the most supple leathers I’ve ever touched (either that or I’m a leather virgin hahaha… but kidding aside, the Sac Louis leather and the Bottega Veneta leather are two of the softest leathers I’ve ever touched).

One cool thing about this bag? It has an interior leather patch that has your name stamped on it– saying that the Louis Vuitton bag was made “especially for you.” (I know the patch was made especially for me, but hmmm I wonder if the bag came from an assembly line… Hehehe… just wondering out loud :D).

*Muwahaha* did you see what it says on the leather patch of the bag? “Mademoiselle ___”. *Chuckles* I’m in denial– I asked to put Mademoiselle as opposed to Madame!!! Tsk… I don’t want to sound “old” hahahaha… I’m nubile *eeeewww trying hard!!!*

Hehehehe….Anyway, I love that patch (it’s so cool to have my name on it haha… *Don’t mind me. I’m feeling special again*). I’m a sucker for personalized bags. I think it stems from having labeled everything *I mean, everything!!* with my name ever since I was small. Remember how your mom would label everything (name it: pencil case, eraser, ruler, glue, paste, notebooks, ballpens hahahaha) with that Dymo sticker labeling contraption? Well, it’s now clear to me that I never got over that Dymo craze. I still want all my things labeled (territorial like a dawg). *guffaws*

Oh here are two more reasons why I love this bag. There are zippered leather “covers” for the bag handles (you need to attach them… but unattached, they look like these)
AND, uncinch the sides of the bag and it becomes larger, shaped like a shopping tote! Oh did I also tell you that the bag comes with its own LEATHER STUFFING PILLOW? *shakes head in disbelief!* I’m thinking of actually using that stuffing pillow as a my new “plush toy” *goodbye My Melody hehehehe* 😀

The only thing I wish this bag had? A detachable shoulder strap like that of the Tod’s D bag.

I haven’t picked this bag up yet because I can’t afford to post bag bail in full yet. So I guess this baby will have to be in the House of Monogram until such time I can pay for her *hehehe… maybe by December?? hahahah when I get my ahem, year-end bonus, perhaps from my future employer? Hehehehe*

Until we meet again, dear Sac Louis 😉


  1. just came from the house of monogram earlier and nothing caught my interest…until this! she is a beauty! i wonder how much of a heart attack this’d cause..? 🙂

  2. Can I buy that bag from Louis Vuitton? How much is it? Its so nice. I wonder if they will have a monogrammed version?

  3. I have a question Mrs. T. I have to sell one of my purses as I need the cash for another purchase. Which one would you get rid of if you were in my shoes? Which one should I keep?

    LV Monogram Neverfull MM or Chanel Ligne Cambon bucket/tote in pink & black. I really really like my Chanel but it seems so outdated now. Do you agree? Do you think it will be a classic? I was thinking maybe if it was black on black then it could become a for-keeps bag. But on the other hand I love pink and I own a lot of pink outfits so — you can see why I am in a quandary here *sigh*

    Thank you in advance for your suggestion! -Karen

  4. Congrats!! My mom also got the invitation too…It is the most amazing bag…I totally agree with the softness it is…just to keep the shape of the bag…LV would give you a pillow made with lamp skin to stuff this bag…to answer the other comment…this bage cost about $9000.00 CAD

  5. I just ordered this bag on Friday in Sydney…. $10,400 here! I got the cream one as I felt it had that extra WOW factor….8 mths for it to be made though…boo hoo………