Art Basel, Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong to attend Art Basel, the world’s premier and largest art show for modern and contemporary art. There were so many people who came to see different works of art offered by some 200 (or more) galleries from the world over. I had always had this keen interest in modern art (I did my studies in journalism and in art some eons ago in college hahaha), but well I figured between art and “personal” luxury goods, I just chose the latter haha. Besides, to be able to start acquiring art pieces, you must have 1. space to put it, and 2. the money to buy it (because these babies cost wayyyy more than our bags!!!). So another year shall pass that I will just ogle and enjoy them from exhibits and not from my own personal space (unless I win the lottery lol).

Here are some of the pieces I found interesting, after going through the whole lot! These pieces came from galleries in Sydney, Zurich, Amsterdam, Beijing, Mumbai, and








Art Basel is worth a visit– so next time you peeps find out Art Basel comes to Hong Kong, book your tickets and head out to see it. It’s quite the experience 🙂

I’m off to explore Hong Kong today (not that it needs more exploring) but hopefully I can share some nice photos with you all again. Boohoo, my Samsung camera’s zoom lens konked out on me after less than a year of use and now, I have to rely on my phone for photos 🙁


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