An Amanpulo Break

Hi folks! So sorry for not having written in the last few days as this bag hag decided to go on a mini break :).


I am currently in Amanpulo. 🙂 This resort was actually affected by typhoon Haiyan and I suppose they also took the opportunity late last year to renovate the rooms and the bathrooms, so now they are more modern (the rooms/ bathrooms had a more “rustic” feel in the past).


Such a blissful, serene morning. I’m actually so glad to be here after a grueling and heavy week.


Years ago, I remember hearing about Amanpulo and wanting to go there but also knew that it was a beach resort that had stratospheric rates. It was not until I inquired and subsequently booked through CV Travel that I found out there were local rates– and so I availed of it and have never looked back since. Amanpulo has become my sanctuary, my place of refuge if you will. And each time I come here, I end up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed (haha it better, right? Or else what a waste of hard- earned moolah haha).

I went snorkeling this morning and had the chance to swim with a huuuuuge turtle (she was more than half my size!!) for a good 15 minutes!


And whoever said turtles were slow were lying (they’re slow on land, but not on water)– this grand old lady (the resident diver told us she is already quite old :D) was quite the swimmer and left us trailing behind her for quite a bit!  This was actually the first time I got to do this up close and personal with a huge turtle, and the experience was exhilarating and yet calming– nothing that I’ve ever experienced before. It was so memorable. I can only imagine how incredible it must be to go scuba diving to see underwater life!

Anyway, enough writing for now, let me go out and enjoy the sun and the sea! Will go back to regular blogging in a day or so 😉



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