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South Lake Tahoe: Evan's American Gourmet Cafe

South Lake Tahoe: Evan’s American Gourmet Cafe

Woke up on Christmas morning to below freezing temperatures– it was -6 degC!!! The whole house was still in dreamland because everyone slept so late, so I took the opportunity to head out just to take this breathtaking photo. There was a light snowstorm yesterday which brought fresh powder onto the iced lake. It was...
Christmas Is About Family and Loved Ones :)

Christmas Is About Family and Loved Ones :)

The last few years of Christmas holidays saw me poring over my phone longer than I could hold a proper conversation with my beloved family members. And sadly, they tolerated it because I knew they love me and accepted that technology formed a very big part of me. Their unconditional love and acceptance of me...

Travelog: Winter in Lake Tahoe

A few days ago, my mom, siblings, and our respective families made the 5 hour- long drive from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe to enjoy a few days of snow and the real winter cold. We were rewarded with just that as the roads near South Lake Tahoe were covered in snow (we caught the...