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Bag of the Day: Celine Luggage Nano for Travel

Bag of the Day: Celine Luggage Nano for Travel

I’m already in Paris and am sorting out my internet situation on my phone. The last few days have been so remarkable and I have yet to share stories from my last few days in Milan as well with you all. But let’s hold off on that first to give way to a quicker post...
Celebrity Bag:  Kendall Jenner's Dressed Up Celine with Karlito

Celebrity Bag: Kendall Jenner’s Dressed Up Celine with Karlito

Not all celebrities carry new bags everyday (though I’m sure they actually have enough new bags for each day for a whole year). And most celebrities have personal favorites when it comes to the bags they use daily. Kendall Jenner is the perfect example here. Oh and before I delve into the bag that she...

Travelog: Taipei Food, Shopping, and a Bag

I was last in Taipei in 2010 so it was a good time to fly back to Taipei again, having had such a great experience in the city because of Tina (BagSnob) and her friends who knew where to take us. The one place I never got to check out on my last visit though,...