Celebrity Bag: Kendall Jenner’s Dressed Up Celine with Karlito

Not all celebrities carry new bags everyday (though I’m sure they actually have enough new bags for each day for a whole year). And most celebrities have personal favorites when it comes to the bags they use daily. Kendall Jenner is the perfect example here. Oh and before I delve into the bag that she carries, let me just say that Kendall is really as gorgeous in person as she looks in photos. Talk about winning the genetic lottery 😉

Anyway, Kendall Jenner has been seen carrying her Celine luggage nano for years now, and she is actually wise to have gotten a black bag (yes, I’m finally crossing over to the black bag side).


So what to do to keep the bag looking “fresh” and new? Dress it up the way Kendall did! Fendi has the cutest furry little monsters and for Spring Summer 2015, furry Karlito was even shrunken into a smaller size!


It perfectly complements smaller sized bag– like the one of  Kendall’s! So there you have it, a clever way to dress up one of your old favorites!



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