You are a Beautiful Bag, but…

Bags today are not just about aesthetics anymore. Luxury goods consumers have become very discerning these days, and designer bag brands need to keep stepping up to meet consumers’ expectations or this is a factor that would make them lose out on sales to other competing brands. A bag no longer sells based on the merit of its “look” or because it’s THE bag carried by THE celebrities. Bags these days will sell based not only on their looks but also on their functionality & versatility- and price. Haha it’s pretty much like how being beautiful on the outside can only get someone so far, but if the person is beautiful and has a great personality, boom! Lol!

The Mansur Gavriel tote is the perfect example of why a bag sells like hotcakes. This particular piece in cammello is a favorite because it has great personality which only gets better over time. The italian vegetable tanned leather develops a beautiful, rich patina over time.


The tote above is also easy to carry, is very light, and best of all, it has a very friendly price. In a store where designer bags cost in the upward amount of $1,000, this under- $500 tote is almost a giveaway. And with the way it was marketed (genius- less supply, crazy demand), the bag just sold like hotcakes. You will not find Mansur Gavriel totes on shop floors for long these days (that’s IF they’re even available) because they get snapped up sooo fast. MG has broken the bank 🙂

This oldie but goodie Celine woven tote of a few seasons ago is another good example, but for the other side of the bag spectrum.
I loved this bag so much when it came out. But a north- south style cabas (as opposed to the east- west style of the Mansur Gavriel tote above) is also not one of the easiest totes to carry especially for the “vertically challenged” 🙁 It’s a difficult piece to carry with your hands because of its length. And because of the short straps, there is no way this tote can be carried on the shoulders. Celine could’ve earned plus points with this bag if it had been fitted with a detachable shoulder strap option. That way, this intricately woven tote could’ve been carried hands- free and would’ve made it easier for many to use (its length wouldn’t have been a major issue). This bag was made in limited quantities and it did sell (despite its insane price- over $4k), but there was definitely no mile- long waiting list for it.

A beautiful bag may be beautiful, but if it isn’t fitted with options that can make carrying it easier for the wearer, it won’t be selling as well as it should. Functionality, versatility, price, and pretty in a bag really all go hand in hand… or arm in arm these days 🙂


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