Where to Buy the Mansur Gavriel Crossbody Bag + Bag Review


Mansur Gavriel remains one of the hottest bag brands today not only because of their clean, fuss- free and basic designs which look so pleasing to the eyes, but also because of their very reasonable price points. In today’s industry where even shoes have become so incredibly overpriced, bags of good quality and good price are hard to come by. MG has managed to market itself as just that. So when I first tested the bucket bag, I hoped it would at least meet my expectations. And it exceeded it.

I’ve moved on from bucket bags with MG. I went for the large tote which became a de facto travel tote, but because it is too open, you need to bring a smaller bag inside to store your important things and to keep them from spilling out of the big bag. And although the bag came with a detachable pochette, it was too small to hold your valuables (wallet, keys, phone).

This Mansur Gavriel Crossbody Bag might not be the perfect travel hold-all, but it looks like an excellent travel bag.


Again, it’s all about that clean, no- fuss style that transcends trends. It makes this bag a timeless piece to own. Because today, fashion is also all about minimalism and keeping basic pieces that last a long time.

Mansur Gavriel bagsicon, while often sold out at the company’s website, are currently available HERE!




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