Travelog Singapore: S.E.A. Aquarium

Singapore is definitely one of the best places to take children, because it’s a very child- friendly city. One of the cities best attractions for children is the S.E.A. Aquarium which happens to be the world’s largest oceanarium!


In the past, I’ve been fortunate to have visited several beautiful oceanariums from different parts of the world, but none of them compare to Singapore’s S.E.A. Aquarium. So yes, it’s a must- see. Even adults will enjoy the visit just as much as the children.

There is also the Maritime Experimental Museum,

SEA5where you can do a little walkabout before you head to the actual aquarium. It is very interactive and educational and is a brilliant way to engage your children and allow them to understand the ways people did trading in the past.

Upon entry into the aquarium, you go through “the tube”.



And then that big cylindrical aquarium where fish just swim round and round. I could stare at them for hours 🙂


Spider crabs! They kinda creeped me out 🙂 SEA3

See playful dolphins swimming!


Expect to spend approximately 2 hours in the oceanarium,


SEA12and allow yourself the time to really explore– and marvel at the grace of the way the giant stingrays and sharks glide across the water 🙂


I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Aquarium Channel on television some years ago, but haha if you don’t (because it’s way before your time and obviously of my time), think of the computer “screensaver” with swimming fish in an aquarium. That’s what one of the aquariums there looked like 🙂

SEA1S.E.A. Aquarium is a must- see! More photos of Singapore soon!!


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