Travelog: Singapore for Tiffany and Co.

I’m currently in Singapore for the exclusive launch of the newest collection of Tiffany and Co. and the introduction of the brand’s design director 🙂


Stayed at the St. Regis on Tanglin Road.


I love these himalayan salt candleholders at the entrance


Staying at St. Regis  was quite a treat because I had a personal butler assigned for my room 😀 *hahaha so thiiiiis is how the rich people live! Haha, well this is all new to me! Thank you for the experience, Tiffany & St. Regis :D*



Anyway, the presentation of Tiffany and Co.’s newest collection happened over cocktails and dinner at Singapore’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCa) last night.


It was a very lovely, intimate gathering of foreign press with the wonderful Tiffany and Co. Asia Pacific team whom I had the privilege of getting to know better over drinks at Lantern post- event 🙂


I will post about the pieces from new collection soon (waiiiit for it :D), but this much I can say– there were sooo many pieces I really loved. And I guarantee that you will also love them and will want them!! *Start saving up, ladies and gents!!* I was honored to have met and chatted with the lovely designer behind this collection (and many more collections to come). But again, I shall have to leave you all up in the air for now, but I promise, this is sooooo worth the wait!!

A visit to any Tiffany and Co. boutique is always an incredible experience, and to actually enjoy that, you need to set aside a good amount of time to go through each vitrine. And it is through these careful “inspections” as I call it, that you really get to know each piece. The Elsa Peretti collection, the Paloma Picasso Collection, the Tiffany keys, the Return to Tiffany, the Atlas Collection… there are way too many pieces in each collection that are to lust- for!

The Atlas bangle:


How can anyone not love diamonds? Tiffany and Co. knows diamonds very well and these ones in vivid and intense yellow are so exquisite. Having all of them on my fingers was a dream come true– haha if only I could at least take that oval shaped one home *wishful thinking*!!!


And these are my all- time favorites– the stackable yellow diamond bezet rings.


They are less “formal” compared to the diamond rings set with white pavé diamonds. And yeah the good news is, these rings come in smaller carat weights too *haha ones that I can realistically save up for* , so you can buy yourself a nice yellow diamond that you can wear everyday 🙂

I honestly cannot contain my excitement about the upcoming collection which debuts in stores come September. For now, take the time to visit a Tiffany and Co. boutique, or hey, go shop online at — like me, it will become your happy place too 🙂


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