Things To Do in Switzerland

Ok, to be honest, I used to think there was nothing to do in Switzerland– especially if you don’t really indulge in winter sports (hello, because you live in the tropics and oh yeah, there is no snow for you to learn how to ski or snowboard). But then now that I’m in the land of chocolates and Swiss watches, I am indulging– in exactly those: Swiss watches and chocolates 🙂



Switzerland is not complete without the Lindt (or Toblerone?) experience. This was the perfect way to warm up in sub- zero temperatures (-11 degC to be exact). And yeah, a realllly good way to gain some 2 kgs (if you indulge in more than one hot drink haha).

And then of course there were the watches. I refrained from looking at the expensive ones (think Patek, Blancpain, IWC…), and instead focused my attention on my fail-safe watch brand, Swatch 🙂

SwatchI had wanted the old “jellyfish” watch– the all- transparent timepiece which from what I know, was reissued some time ago.

After enjoying a bit of a walk around Zermatt (before I stopped having any sensation on my fingers haha), we took the Glacier Express, a very scenic train ride which takes you to the different cities in Switzerland (Zermatt-Davos- St.Moritz).

I didn’t think much of the train ride before I went on the train because it was going to be a few hours long. But my friend Claudette had highly recommended the ride and had insisted I go on it for the experience. Throughout the ride, my camera did not rest. I have so many incredible scenic photos! Here is a sampling.

IMG_20130113_130253 IMG_20130113_175752


There are more photos that I have since shared on Instagram (  The ride was something I was glad to have experienced– and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I want to recommend this to my family, in the hopes I get to come back here again sometime this year when there is still snow 😉 And hopefully the next time around, I actually get to indulge in some winter sports 😉



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