Things that made me smile today

I love trees. Especially those really big, old trees– the ones that have witnessed a lot of events, a lot of emotions, a lot of history.

(photo from Wikipedia; edited for

Why do I talk about trees now? Because yesterday, I went to visit my father at the cemetery. It was his Lunar Calendar birthday the other, so my Mom and I went to pay him a visit. 🙂

I know how morbid this might sound, but I actually enjoyed my time at the cemetery because I was surrounded by a lot of trees. Big, old trees. The constant sound I heard: the leaves of those very full trees rustling in the wind. I also felt the nice, and surprisingly cool breeze on my face… it was just so peaceful. It made me happy, and grateful for yesterday’s wonderful Sunday afternoon.
I didn’t walk around the cemetery to take photos of those trees that I loved looking at (I will get to that one day), but I managed to take another photo of my new animal menagerie-go-round ring which I purchased the other day from Lou and Dan of BijouxdeLou at the Rockwell Power Plant Mall bazaar at the Tent.

This ring makes me smile too 🙂

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine 🙂

Mrs. T
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