The Royal Bump!

I just had to share this because it’s such a welcome sight to see the Duchess’ royal bump finally “showing” for the world to see 🙂


Pregnancy suits Catherine– she looks so radiant and happy!  If I may guess, I think Britain will have a little princess come July 🙂 *What are your guesses? *


Catherine’s maternity style is spot- on. She remains classy, elegant, and stylish. I honestly think Kim Kardashian, whose baby with Kanye is due around the same time as the Duchess’, should take style tips from Catherine. I know their pre- pregnancy styles are completely different, but can’t Kim just forego all these skimpy/ tight outfits in place of classier pieces for a change?


And yes, I know it’s practically sacrilegious to compare these two women who are as different as night and day, but both are public figures and both have babies due sometime in July. Question is, which of the two will be the one trending on twitter come “labor” day? 😀


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