The Row x Damien Hirst Collaboration


The Olsen twins have taken the price of their crocodile backpack one step further– by collaborating with artist Damien Hirst for luxury retailer, Just One Eye.

The Row’s first crocodile backpack was selling for a rather steep price of US $39,000 but the Damien co- designed backpacks, one of which is adorned with prescription pills, cost a staggering US $55,000!!


Another bag is covered with multi-colored polka dots.

But then again think about this, Damien’s paintings have gone in the upward price of US $3,000,000. So technically these bags which he had worked on, are considered bargains.

While I personally find the prescription pills backpack real cute, I don’t think I’d be willing to pay the price for it. And if I did have that kind of money (which I obviously don’t), I’d probably only encase the backpack I decide to buy in shatterproof and thief- proof glass LOL.

I still think it’s a ridiculous price to pay for a backpack. But then again, I’m quite certain it’ll be purchased, stat!