The Return of the Backpack?

Or maybe it never really left? The first time I remember hankering for a backpack was when I was still a wee one– I watched as my brothers toted their blue Khumbmela backpacks *you are an 80s baby if you know Khumbmela haha*, and was fortunate enough to be bought a purple one by my mom. Fast forward to the mid 90s with the birth of that Prada backpack and that Chanel quilted backpack

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which left us all breaking our piggy banks and counting change in the hopes we could afford one or hah, both 😀 (I am actually still dreaming of owning the silver version)


And then this year, there goes that Prada backpack again in different colors, and the very famous and much coveted Chanel’s grunge graffiti backpack

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which was famously seen on celeb Kristen Stewart’s back.

Kristen Stewart Sighting In Paris
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So I guess yes, the backpack is back. For years though I’ve thought that backpacks were for teenagers (haha which reminds me, I should have been carrying one the last few years because I FEEL like a teenager hahaha). But somehow this year it has become acceptable to carry one again.

Recently I decided to spend a little holiday moolah on a simple sailboat backpack in Mykonos, a reminder of that crazy day I sailed a 40ft catamaran in the rough Aegean Sea in Santorini 🙂


I must say, it was liberating to have both hands free all of a sudden.


But I still find the backpack “look” so casual. So I don’t think I’m up to spending top bucks for a decent backpack although there are now a few in the market that I’m actually considering. This is the top contender so far:

Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Backpack

I love the structure of this bag (and I actually love the total look)– the bag’s shape is not bulky like the other backpacks– it has a streamlined top and widens at the base although I reckon it might be a tad hard to open and close the bag so I suppose it’s best to leave it “unlocked”. The color is real nice as well 🙂 I think that was one of my deciding factors as well. The other thing I like about this bag is that it doesn’t have that “casual” feel like the other backpacks.


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