The Louis Vuitton Vitrines at Galeries Lafayette, Paris

One of the things I look forward to during the yuletide season is the themed vitrines at the department stores in Paris. This year, Louis Vuitton tied up with Galeries Lafayette in Paris to celebrate the 100th year of this upscale French grand magasin.  The theme for this year’s holiday season vitrines? Bal du Siècle (Ball of the Century)! Very appropriate to celebrate the stores’ centennial year, non?

LV has also created a video to take us all behind the scenes on how the vitrines were prepared, which included of course the results. You must watch this!!

Can you feel Christmas in the air yet? 🙂 I think it’s time I come up with my Christmas list this week!


  1. yay! it sends me the wrong message….
    all i see is that LV use all that animals for their merchandise…hmmmm
    but bag or shoes made out of penguins? hmmmm then maybe i am wrong.
    Even animals can be fashionable!

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