The Dutch Queen’s Jewels!

This week, European Royals and invited Heads of State busted out their finery to attend the coronation of the new Dutch King, Willem Alexander, and his wife Queen Maxima.

Inauguration Ceremony - Queen Beatrix Abdication and King Willem Alexander Investiture

Queen Maxima certainly did not disappoint with the jewels she chose to wear for the historic occasion. The diamond and sapphire tiara is magnificent although I’m wondering why she didn’t have pipecleaners (in her hair color) wrapped around the base of the tiara, especially since this tiara looks real heavy (and really, jawdropping and incredible).


Geeeez, I feel like I am swimming in the Queen’s massive sapphire brooch! *Drowns while staring intently at the brooch… glub glub glub* 🙂

I know, I know, there is no bag in this post, but hey, royal jewels like this trumps any bag. Hands down, no questions asked!! *Sorry, I don’t mean to betray the bag loving public but I go weak at the knees when I see bling this incredible :D*

Here they are, the new reigning Dutch Royal Family!


Their daughters are so blonde and so adorable 🙂 <3

Sigh, Royalty is truly my guilty pleasure!!


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