The Curse of the Hideous CelebriBoots

Oh my. Kim Kardashian take off those I-don’t-care-if-they’re-designer-boots right now!!!

If you are a oft- photographed person or a celebrity, you should know how to choose what you wear wisely. In Kim’s case, this will have to be my advice: never ask for your boyfriend Kanye West’s advice. Woman, you are your own person.
But oh this changes everything if you did not ask for boyfriend’s advice. Why, why, why those bugly boots?!?!  The one thing that’s worse than an ugly bag is actually a pair of ugly shoes on your feet (gawd, I can still remember Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hideous white ones from years ago). If you’re not a celebrity, this is not something that would be significant a topic. But since you are a famous woman, at least think about the peeps who will stare at your shoes and cringe at your choice.
I am one of them. I know ugly shoes when I see one. Honey, it’s ok to wear last season’s pretty shoes, but don’t get caught wearing this season’s hideous ones. Other than that, you look beautiful. But gahh… *stares down at shoes* see, your boots just totally ruined your overall look. 🙁  Just sayin’!


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