Store Feature: Farmyard Darlings, Lafayette

I normally don’t write about interior design, furniture, and or home stores because well, I write about bags, shoes, fashion, food, and travel– things that interest me. Home furnishing isn’t normally high up on my list of interests though of late, having to work on my office renovation as well as the renovation of Accessory Lab (our 8- year old “baby” of a store in Rockwell Powerplant Mall) got me more interested in it.

I am back in San Francisco and back in our home, the home that I grew up in. Our house is also about to undergo major renovation work, so I suppose my new interest in interior design is rightly justified 🙂 I am sifting through so much of old college junk and many things have been thrown out or burned (because haha our shredder broke). It was nice to go down memory lane but I am absolutely more than ready to say goodbye to that college past LOL. I don’t even know why I never bothered cleaning them all out before (Confession: too lazy. I would much rather sleep hahaha).

Anyway, a few years ago I came across this cute standalone store while on a coffee and ice cream run close to where we live. Unfortunately the shop was closed. I never got to go back, also because I had forgotten all about it even if it was on my list of  shops I “have-to-visit.”

Luckily and on a quick trip to Lafayette to run errands, I remembered the shop and decided to pass by and see if it was open. It was! Haha that big sign was a good enough welcome!

Farmyard Darlings specializes in reclaimed wood. I do love the idea of repurposing wood for new furniture. And I love the finishing of all the pieces in the store. Everything in the store is proudly American- made.

The store also carries a local bag designer’s work– all of these bags are so well- made! Perfect for all the inner cowboys and cowgirls in all of us 🙂

Carole (who is half of the Farmyard Darlings duo) helped me out while I was at the store, and I almost bought one of the cowhide pouches– though I held back only because the pouches will end up with me in humid Manila, and I really don’t want to ruin the beautiful hair 🙁 

Below are more photos of the store, which I have to share because every single nook was so picture perfect.

I had a very delightful visit to Farmyard Darlings and it was also good to know that they do custom furniture– hopefully I can actually figure out how to have furniture shipped out of the U.S. and into Asia without customs tax issues (the Philippines is one of thr worst when it comes to import taxes)!

More information about Farmyard Darlings can be found online at


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