Soldes, soldes, soldes in Paris!


The whole of Paris is on sale (soldes) and there are just so many pretty things (for that perfect late winter getaway) that a girl would want to buy– if that girl happens to have a wallet full of cash and cards. lol but if she were me, she can only drool. Boohoo if you plan to come to Paris, soldes or not, you better have some moolah (and don’t repeat my mistake of putting all credit cards in one wallet and risk the wallet getting stolen with your meal and shopping tickets in them).

Finally able to upload some photos of the bags I saw that were on sale 🙂  Of course not every single model/ style of designer bags you like are on sale, but there are select pieces that are! So it’s really a question of you “compromising” a bit. But hey, if it means saving you a bit more money, why not!! Here’s a sampling!

A few Nightingales but there was the rare Antigona on sale!
Pretty Furla bags


If you can check instagram, all the better because my photos there are more up-to date than the blog. The iPhoto situation has not yet been resolved– and it looks like I will be taking photos from my phone for quite a bit so my apologies for the quality 🙁

Anyway please check 🙂




  1. Paris is really a fashion capital, everything really looks fashionable and is worth buying. I would love to go there soon for that awesome shopping experience.

    I’d love adding that to my fashion blog in the future.

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