Smitten: The Best Ice Cream in San Francisco


It’s sooooo cold here in San Francisco that everyday I have to go get my big Starbucks of coffee. How very American, right? Hahaha actually such a covenient excuse because this is the only place I get to try all my favorite holiday flavoured coffee– from eggnog, pumpkin spice, to peppermint and gingerbread 🙂 The Starbucks Coffee places in Manila don’t have the complete flavors.

Me, Muscle Car, & My Venti Starbucks Eggnog Latte

So natch, after being all warmed up, I’m good to have something cold haha. I would never really waste my calories on useless junk food like well, ice cream, but in this special case, I am more than willing to give up chips and flavored coffee (for a day only) for a small cup of Smitten ice cream. Smitten is definitely not your average run-of-the-mill ice cream.

Smitten was begun by Robyn Sue all the way back in 2007. Life savings and al, she poured them all into creating Brrr– the ice cream churner which used liquid nitrogen. This patented machine makes the smallest ice crystals possible, ensuring that the ice cream is frozen exactly right.

The one thing that sets Smitten apart is this– they use fresh local ingredients. For instance, this fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream that I had, poured over with strawberry prosecco sauce, was made with fresh milk and cream from Petaluma, and fresh mint leaves from Sonoma County– both from California.

I missed out on the better flavors like the Cinnamon Apple Crisp during the holiday season, and I would really love to try the Earl Grey Milk Chocolate and the Olive Oil Lavender Shortbread.

 I must say though, that the Strawberry Balsamic flavor which I tried back in Summer 2015 was pretty spectacular.

I have to say, I will go to the gym and add an extra hour to my workout just to have a few scoopfuls of Smitten ice cream. It is sooooo worth the calories!!

So kids, if you happen to be in Hayes Valley, Lafayette, or Los Altos, pop by Smitten for a small scoop (or make that a large one) of their special ice cream on a waffle cone. Trust me, you will be Smitten!!



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