Rustan’s Christmas Wonders: My Gift Ideas (Part I)

Hi everyone! I have not really had a decent “personal” update in the last few months, so please pardon me for throwing it all out here all of a sudden because also all of a sudden, I am experiencing peace and quiet (no work phone calls, no getting stuck in traffic and no work stress). Yahooo, that’s because I am already in San Francisco and am celebrating the holidays with my family once again this year 🙂 I feel very lucky to have been extended the privilege of a free trip, and free room and board hahaha– thanks again to my family who always takes pity on bratty me–  nothing has changed after all these years, I am still the charity case with la famiglia 🙂

Anyway, the last few days in Manila were just so crazy. Tempers of people were flaring up due to the traffic which saw the whole city bleed. It was becoming increasingly difficult to do last minute Christmas shopping all over the city– back then this was common practice for us, to scour the city for good gifts and great bargains. Nowadays, it’s considered lucky for us to even get a parking spot at the mall! Or worse, to get to the mall after work, before it closes!!

I had a nice project for Rustan’s a week or so ago for a show special on Star World and as I was walking through everyone’s holiday shopping Mecca since childhood (if you belong to my generation haha), I realized one thing– Rustan’s did have a lot of gift ideas with different price ranges to offer everyone! Suddenly my previous week’s panicking ceased to exist– because this visit later proved to be a very fruitful one for my Christmas shopping list 🙂

So peeps, I came up with a few gift ideas for you in case you are like me, a last minute gift shopper 🙂

1. Fendi By The Way Bag. I didn’t even know that Fendi is officially carried by Rustan’s until I saw my favorite bags with my own eyes! I swear by the By The Way bag and if you plan to gift yourself with one designer bag this Christmas, let the Fendi bag be IT! Or hehe, if your loved one wishes to gift you with one, send him over to Fendi!

2. Now it’s your turn to get him a gift. If you want to splurge a little more for your man, I highly recommend getting him a beautiful pen from Montblanc. After all, he needs to sign his name with style 😉 If not a pen, why not get him a classy Montblanc leather case for his iPhone?

3.  When I first saw these super cute Orla Kiely card cases, I was practically shrieking with delight. They are by far the cutest little bags I’ve laid eyes on. Who knew Rustan’s carried them? I was so glad to have really looked through the different vitrines, or I’d have missed these cute things! If you plan to have a night out without a bag, this is the perfect accessory to carry. It will also enhance the look of your outfit 😉 You can just insert a few bills in there and a credit card for good measure 🙂

4.  No woman I know would say no to bling. Men, pay attention. This is the one time you can make it up to her if you’ve been busy throughout the year. Get her one of these candy colored stackable semi precious rings by Tamara Comolli. It could also be the perfect anniversary present 🙂 Hint hint!!

5.  I fancy these really colorful socks from Thomas Pink. Colorful socks are a perfect way to introduce color into your man’s wardrobe. If they can’t rock a bright shirt or a pair of bright shorts just yet, baby steps! Socks are a good start 🙂

6.  It’s not often that anyone would buy a pair of shoes for someone– but if you happen to know your sister’s been wanting a pair of shoes and you both share the same shoe size *hehehe I know, self- serving*, I highly recommend getting this pair of Sergio Rossi pumps. It was honestly shoe love at first sight for me when I saw these! Classic black pumps with that incredible heel detail? Yes please!

7. I know you will also need to look for gifts for them young ones. I am part of that generation of “kids” who used to lug around a tin lunch box at school, so imagine my glee when I saw these again. Super old school and super fun to give to the younger set these days. Haha I know they’d probably not quite get what it’s all about to bring the tin lunch box to school, but it’s totally retro and I’d carry one again if I had a proper office schedule (haha someone’s yet to make a mistake to employ me LOL)



8.  One of the hardest people to give gifts to is our moms. Our moms are very special to us, so make sure you get her something extra special too. I love the colors of ocean jasper– they are really very unique, as no one piece is ever the same in terms of its pattern and color. This Tamara Comolli is one of a kind, perfect for your one- of- a- kind Mom 🙂 IMG_20141205_172121

9.  From experience, the younger boys are not yet too fussy about their things. Why not get them a school bag for daily use, from Rustan’s inhouse brand, U? IMG_20141205_165335

10.  And for the young ladies, I actually was happy to see these floral envelop clutches, priced really reasonably, also from Rustan’s inhouse brand U. They’re the perfect weekend accessory to have!  And they really bring a nice pop of color to any outfit, whether with a pair of jeans and a tee, or a solid- colored dress! IMG_20141205_165845

That’s it for now, ten gift ideas for you so you can get a move on with your gifts shopping! Tomorrow I’ll give you 10 more gift ideas from Rustan’s. I told you, that trip to Makati’s shopping heaven really was productive 🙂


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