Public Service Post: Please, Help the Philippines!!

Over the weekend, I have been continuously shocked by the images I saw of the wrath of Hurricane Haiyan (known to the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda).

Photo Credit: Reuters

Cities in the Philippines were left in utter devastation and it was so frightful and surreal to see homes that many millions have built with their money, their heart and soul shattered in that manner.

Photo Credit: AP
Photo Credit: Aaron Favila/ Image China

Thousands of lives have been lost, many left widowed and orphaned as a result and the havoc wreaked by that category 5 hurricane– it was really incredible and unbelievable!


The city of Manila though, was thankfully barely touched by the hurricane and we only experienced moderate winds with sporadic rain. But many have relatives who lived in affected areas– most of those still incommunicado at this point– my own Nana has 3 siblings who lived in the affected areas and it was only a few minutes ago that she was able to communicate with the 2, who said that they had lost everything, are still shaken, but are thankfully safe and also are awaiting aid in their town. Still no word from her 3rd sibling 🙁 So before I resume posting the usual fun stuff, I’d really like to ask for your help– with whatever you can offer and give to the victims here in the Philippines: prayers, monetary donations, relief goods, and volunteer work in packing goods are all very much needed at the moment. Here are some of the information of organizations:

UNICEF: To donate, please click HERE

Philippine Red Cross: To find out ways to donate or to volunteer, please click HERE

DSWD:  NAIA Chapel Road, Pasay City (at the back of CAAP), tel. (+632) 851-2681; Cash donations can be deposited to the Land Bank of the Philippines  SA  3124-0055-81 or CA 3122-1011-84

And also read from Rep. Lucy Torres- Gomez of Leyte that they are in need of tents, blankets, and drinking water. Those who wish to give may contact Yeye (+63917) 821-1322 or Cecil at (+63922) 849-1799.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for the Philippines!


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