Paris Fashion Week Comes to an End…


Ahhh finally, the fashion weeks have ended. Today marked the last day of shows (though I still have some re-sees tomorrow). Louis Vuitton was the first show of the day, and the last show of the day belonged to Elie Saab. Quite appropriate because Elie closed PFW so beautifully, really. Anyway, so a little incident happened to my roomie Janina and I– we had originally planned to leave our apartment at 9am for the Louis Vuitton show.

The LV show starts promptly at 10am and the first time I was invited to the LV show in Paris, Bryan and I were late for it and we weren’t able to go in *and haha, we are still grumbling about that*.  So this time, I am determined never ever to let that happen again. And Janina and I had planned all this out quite well but ahhh well plans don’t always work hahaha. We were done by 9.20am and we ordering our taxi but the taxi never arrived because there was roadwork going on in our street!!! So we were forced to run to the next street to hail one.  Luckily we did get into one but wow, the traffic was incroyable. We got there 5 minutes before the show began. I actually had to jump out of the taxi and run to the entrance because I wasn’t even sure if we’d make it!

Anyway, we did! *More on the LV show in the succeeding posts*

But seriously, a photo- finish ending all the time will leave me with a heart attack one day.  So when we were preparing to go to the Elie Saab show with our other friend Lisa,

I decided to take matters into my own hands– I said I was going to take my own transportation to the show. Check out my ride 😀 LOL

What I wore: Jacket by Jonathan Riss for Jay Ahr, “Pencils” bustle skirt by Mary Katrantzou, booties by Walter Steiger, bag by Tod’s, sunnies by Dolce & Gabbana.

*Thank you Xavier for playing along hahaha, and thanks for this shot, Janina!*  Anyway,  Janina, Lisa, and I were real early to the show this afternoon at Elie Saab. And woohoo I was even able to catch up a bit with Bryan pre-show 🙂

Photo credit: @Stylisa

And there you have it, Elie Saab closes the show (and the week) beautifully, like he always does…  *More on the Elie Saab SS 2013 show in the succeeding posts*

And rain began pouring once more in gay Pareee! What a way to end Paris Fashion Week! More on the shows and presentations I attended, soon! 🙂


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