On Folder Clutch Bags

I love oversized folder clutch bags of late. I had initial worries of leaving my bag behind if it were a clutch (as opposed to a satchel of the same content capacity), but I suppose a large folder clutch isn’t small and as light for you to forget it 🙂

I like Mark Cross folder clutch bags which will be out come September.


Also Lancel L Bags are already available in the larger size and come with a detachable folder pouch– the perfect “two for one” bag!

I think carrying a large clutch– a thin, folder clutch at that, takes a lot of discipline. We have gotten so used to dumping literally everything we see in our bathroom counters into our bags that we forget to edit out the less important things which only end up making our bags heavier (haha the older you get, the more stuff you dump into your bag).

Folder clutch bags can store your iPad as well as other basic essentials– and you become an excellent bag contents editor in the process 😉 And speaking of iPads, I have actually taken to using an iPad/ laptop case as an oversized clutch and it’s less expensive than the more stylized folder clutch bags available in the market today 😉

Why not opt to carry a folder clutch today over your usual comfort bag? Give your shoulders a rest with a lighter bag 😉


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