My Neiman Marcus Tradition with My Mom + Christmas Bag Finds

I love the downtown SF Neiman Marcus. For years now, it is tradition for them to put up the massive Christmas tree, the base of which, sits in the perfume section 😉

I always loved the Neiman Marcus Rotunda’s popover bread, and though the other cafe in- store (it was 2 floors below Rotunda) has since closed, I never forgot about the apple crumble a la mode which my Mom and I would share each time we were in NM, back in my college days. Haha my Mom was my shopping companion. I would drive us downtown during weekends and we would spend the day in Union Square– but our 1st stop was always at Neiman Marcus 🙂

The store configuration has since changed (the designer shoe section is no longer on the 1st floor, and haha Manolo Blahniks that back then cost an already eye- popping $300 *regular price at the time*, are now over $600 ). , but the Christmas tree still remained in its place each Christmas 🙂

Oh the good ol’ days… shopping has definitely changed today (esp. because of the open-24-hours online shopping site). But really, nothing beats the personal shopping experience. So now, let me give you the shopping report: the good news is, Neiman Marcus had more bags on the bargain bin than Barney’s New York. The bad news is, nothing was THAT desirable to buy even after the additional 25% markdown on already discounted prices.

There’s that hairy Givenchy Nightingale which was kinda cute but not really practical to own especially if you plan to bring it back to ths tropics.

And another Givenchy bag, this time the Pandora , with baby’s breath flowers printed on the leather of the bag

Valentino’s Rockstud bag with this combination just looks plain tacky. And priced over US$2K?! No thanks!

Proenza Schouler still kept the PS1 Bag in their lineup. On sale is this suede version.

The regular priced bags were worth a visit. Natch, Fendi has my top vote 🙂 All those colors made me smile!

And then I did a testcarry of the Roger Vivier Pilgrim Du Jour bag. Definitely like this bag a lot!

But sadly no markdowns! Speaking of Roger Vivier, the brand is now part of San Francisco Premium Outlets, so marked down items are sent thataway for bargain hunters. Looks like I will have to pay the outlets a visit before the year ends– haha maybe tomorrow!

That’s it for now peeps! I’ve so far been unimpressed with the sale selections of these big department stores. Maybe I’ll have better luck at the outlets!

Are you peeps ready to ring in 2016 yet? 🙂 Haha I think we should all ring in the New Year with a new bag *evil grin*


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